My path has led me to be a keeper and a way-shower of the sacred teachings of the journey of The Divine Feminine. To guide you into an awakening of your true-self, to encourage and support you as you commit to a path of forgetting and remembering, letting go and allowing in the flow of Love, Truth and Beauty.

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Energetic Emotional Healing

I'll be your guide and your witness, as you claim your capacity to detect those inner influences that are detracting from your overall goals, to (crystalizing) manifesting, the outcomes you desire. I facilitate this process simply by, energetically creating a safe space as you open your consciousness to allow in a new level of independence separate from any other influence other than your path to reunite with your soul’s truth. 

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Our Conversations

Our time together is fluid, as conversations flow, this awakens you to a deeper more connected experience and understanding of emotions and stories held within your energetic body. You learn that your attention to every intention, consciously or unconsciously, manifest itself in your daily life. Therefore, consciously or unconsciously, you are the creator of your reality.

Ideas of inadequacy, opinions of others, and self-defeating sentiments that have—until now—hidden in your energy system will be replaced with your original knowing of how deeply you are loved by the universe, and how deeply a greater benevolent presence wishes for you to return to this universal soul knowing. 

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My Techniques & Results

My unique energetic detoxifying techniques purge all that holds you back, so that you can finally and fully attain all that you desire and more. You’ll receive healing techniques and knowledge to add to your arsenal, giving you the power to safely return to Oneness in your journey to reunite with your Divinity.

It’s my belief that allowing yourself to experience emotional energy healing and empowering yourself with the knowledge of how your energy system works is the most beautiful form of self-love and nourishment you could ever give to yourself. It is truly this act of self-care that will lead to self-love, self-passion and life filled with True Beauty and Love in all ways.